Track Review – False Hope / Laura Marling

It’s become cliché, unfortunately, but the folk artist has gone electric. Now, from what we’ve heard from Short Movie, the first single from the new album of the same title, this isn’t completely true that Laura Marling has gone ‘to the other side’, so to speak, because the first single sounds a lot more like her older music. False Hope centres around a storm in New York and has Marling worrying ‘There’s a party uptown but I just don’t feel like I belong at all’, with the track focussing on the loneliness.

The album and song has a resemblance to Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea-era PJ Harvey. It sounds like the same sort of urban-American storytelling has influenced Marling on the new album. The guitar sounds lifted from the cleaner ends of Stories, sounding a bit like One Line at parts. If this is any help on reckoning what the new album will be like, it sounds like the start of a different sound for Marling, shifting away from her more folkly elements and into a shorter, punchier sound.


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