Track Review – Giant Peach / Wolf Alice

Giant Peach is something of a change in direction for Wolf Alice. The first minute is a slow burner that doesn’t really go anywhere, and seems a bit indulgent for what is a four-and-a-half-minute song. It properly kicks in at 1:15 after some feedbacked meandering and then shows flecks of the new-wave psychedelia-shoegaze that Temples have been peddling. It comes as a fresh start from the diluted-grunge that Wolf Alice have been putting out so far and shows another side to the band that may become more apparent on the new album ‘My Love is Cool’. So far, so average.

Then a huge, Led-Zep-size riff comes in near to the end, completely throwing anyone listening off guard. It serves as a kick in the stomach and a slap in the face all of the flamboyant effects that have been whirling around for the last four minutes or so. If this is a hint to what the upcoming album will be like, we can expect a change from the past two EPs and into some different sounds.


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