Track Review – Honestly Do Yr Worst / Joanna Gruesome

The second taste of Joanna Gruesome’s upcoming album Peanut Butter is a two-minute shot of indie-pop. It compares easily to their Weird Sister songs, possibly more so than ‘Last Year’, the first taste. It has Alanna McCardle ‘running on empty’, with co-songwriter Owen lending his voice now and again. Generally, these two-minute indie-pop songs are where Joanna Gruesome excel so it almost feels second nature to hear something like this.

The winding guitars, the occasional yelp from McCardle, it’s all here. There will always be a swell of emotion when the singer decides to open up her lungs for a shout rather than the fey, singer-songwriter type that she usually takes. However, this makes the rare occurrence more exciting as it comes as a shock. If ‘Last Year’ was a taste of the longer track to be expected (and by long I mean 3 minutes), ‘Honestly Do Yr Worst’ consolidates Joanna Gruesome’s strength on their almost punk-ish two minute wonders.


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