Track Review – REALiTi / Grimes

REALiTi is a shelved track from Grimes’ 2014 lost album, which will now probably be lost in time as an album we should have heard but we didn’t. It follows on from the poppier side of Go, which was initially badly-received from fans thinking that Grimes was unwittingly going into the pop world, thinking that she didn’t know what she was doing. I can assure you, as this track shows, that Grimes shows what she is doing. Instead of further going down the EDM route that Go promised, REALiTi explores chillwave and traditional pop structures, creating a hybrid of something like Genesis from Visions and Go, which creates something that can only be described as an excellent song. The lyrics are also much more personal that that of earlier releases, with Grimes singing ‘And I feel that nothing in life could ever be like that again /
Cause your love kept me alive and made me insane’, like a beautiful contradiction that sounds like Grimes just became a little bit more human.

Grimes plays with squelchy and laser synths and even the odd handclap in REALiTi, making an accessible and catchy song. The most recognisable similarity with Go is Grimes’ newfound attraction for singing in her natural voice, over her trademark baby-whisper. Personally, I think that the natural singing fits the track more than her traditional singing and it adds to the chilled-out, ethereal tone that REALiTi sets. Mostly, the video companion compliments the track really well, taking shots of Grimes on tour across Asia with vivid colours and textures aplenty. It’s a worthy companion to the song. If REALiTi proves anything, it’s that Grimes can pen a pop song just as well as she can write an experimental electronic song. It also proves that the lost ‘pop’ album will be dearly sought after for years to come.


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