Track Review – I’ll Start Believing / Warpaint

I’ll Start Believing is the first of Warpaint’s singles to come out this year. It follows on from the announcement on Zane Lowe’s show that they would releasing a series of songs over 2015, which is surprising considering that they took four years to follow up The Fool with last years’ self-titled album. I’ll Start Believing is something of a change of pace for Warpaint, with the track throwing itself head first into a fiery and aggressive jam with the whirling guitars familiar for anyone who has heard Warpaint before. However, this time, the guitars and drums are more front and central, with a furious riff that sounds different to anything Warpaint have done anything before. It’s an angry riff, not like the moody, swampy guitars that have sleepily wandered in previous songs. There is a second when all you can hear is the riff and it’s a complete change of pace – it shows another side.

If I’ll Start Believing sound like anything Warpaint have done before, it sounds more like their The Fool album, with the vocals and instruments much murkier in the mix. But even then, the songs on The Fool were long and little jams in themselves, I’ll Start Believing is more immediate, not even three minutes long in fact. The song is tense and rigid in format, contrasting the looseness of previous releases. There is mystical chanting that sounds so close that they might be beside you and the song ends quickly, not melting into a jam session that lasts ten minutes. Warpaint just got fiery.


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