Track Review – ‘Cause I’m A Man / Tame Impala

Following on from the danceworthy taster ‘Let It Happen’, Tame Impala have released the equally danceworthy ”Cause I’m A Man’. ‘Cause I’m a Man’ shows Tame Impala going further in the direction of slow, groovy pop. It sounds like it could have come straight from the ’70s, with all of its sexy basslines and glistening synths. There is the occasional guitar line, slow and stretching with a yawn across the chorus. Kevin Parker’s lyrics are more straightforward and less psychedelic than Innerspeaker or Lonerism, but then again the entire track is less psychedelic than the original fans may or may not like. Parker plays with the idea of what it is to be, or not be a man, singing ‘I’ll never be as strong as you’ and then turning from ‘I’m a man’ to ‘I’m a human’. There is the Michael Jackson-esque yelps that pop up once or twice, but they just help to blend in with the funkiness of the track.

”Cause I’m A Man’ shows Kevin Parker has no allegiance to any genre whatsoever and is willing to shake off the fuggy psychedelia that has occupied the past two albums in favour of a poppier, groovier vibe. Whilst there is none of the trademark blown-out-bass-and-drums, the direction of ”Cause I’m A Man’ promises that Kevin Parker will go where Kevin Parker wants to go, ditching the sound that he has spearheaded and escaping the genre of modern psychedelia that he and his band have risen out of the ground pretty much by themselves and inspiring legions of copycat bands swathing their sound in LSD-laced drums, guitar and bass. The voice is still there, but now it’s much less psychedelic and more forward-thinking and that can’t be a bad thing.


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