Track Review – Before The World Was Big / Girlpool

The title track from Girlpool’s upcoming debut album Before The World Was Big couldn’t get any simpler from the duo. Whilst the bare bones mix of bass and winding guitars won’t be a surprise to anyone who has heard Girlpool before, the lyrics have never been this naive and innocent. Whilst on the previous EP, the shortest track at 37 seconds long, ‘Love Spell’ was dark even in it’s short timespan. However, on ‘Before The World Was Big’, Girlpool revel in the naivety of childhood ‘I just miss standing next to you / wearing matching dresses before the world was big’. They have a youthful eagerness that sounds unblemished by adulthood, in comparison their 2014 EP is absolutely filthy. This possibly suggests a different style of songwriting, or is just a detour from their trademark mixture of stripped back instrumentation and often scathing lyrics.

However, as always, the vocals can be hit or miss. Especially in verses, the vocals can be overbearing. Also the lyrics are an interesting diversion, but aren’t in the same league as something like ‘Jane’ or ‘American Beauty’. Maybe they just scaled it back for this song, but I was waiting for some dark twist on a childhood tale, but instead the end fizzles out with some of the harmonisation that has become common in Girlpool songs. I’m also worried that Girlpool are known for their simplistic bass and guitar patterns and this could become stale after the first album. At the minute it works, but there is only so far they can go repeating guitar stabs and complimentary basslines.


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