Track Review – Sucker / The Big Moon

Off the back of the ever-catchy single ‘Eureka Moment’, the Big Moon have followed up with the kind of single that gets a band big. You can probably think of it as The Big Moon’s ‘Best of Friends’ a-la Palma Violets and but that’s where the similarities end. Sounding wiser than their years and expanding beyond first-album scrappy guitars, there’s the glockenspiel, the wolf howls and the PJ Harvey-ish vocals which all results in an immediate single. There’s something very sinister about the way they sing ‘I’m with you for life’. It’s by no means a sweet promise, but something echoing PJ Harvey’s To Bring You My Love-era.

The lyrics are fairly straightforward but maybe that’s for the best. Lyrics such as ‘I’m a sucker for you’ and ‘It got colder every day / But I wouldn’t change my mind’ seems to be hiding the true feelings behind a layer of sickly sweet lyrics. It’s mainly the instrumentation that’s the big deal here. It’s a lovely pre-packed box of alternative rock bursting with a freshness that’s appealing in the male-dominated indie-rock scene that Palma Violets, Slaves, Fat White Family and Peace have been the poster boys for. It’s a perfect introduction to what could be a very, very good band.


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