Track Review – Your Heart / Girlpool

In my opinion this is Girlpool at their best. So lo-fi that the lower notes can’t cope with the simplistic recording gear and quiet, repetitive guitar lines. Better still, it’s all on acoustic guitar, compared to the usual bass and guitar setup. The lo-fi recording can probably be excused though, as Girlpool are on the road at the minute and probably don’t have a studio in the backpocket. In the background of the song sits a alien-whirring noise that sounds like a theremin, and that’s possibly all the song needs to be perfect. It’s a sombre song, with Harmony and Cleo singing ‘You’re mouth is like broken glass / it’s the only thing I’m looking at’, before delving into the chorus of ‘Your heart is high’ (at least from what I can make out, anyway).

Girlpool favour the home setting, as shown in ‘Paint Me Colors’ and ‘Plants and Worms’, but they always twist it into something more sinister, with ‘walls made of windows’. The song is simple, brutally so. It calls back to early Waxahatchee and this might be put down to going on tour with her. The lyrics are straightforward and observational, catching the mood of a dead home and a dead relationship altogether. It’s not going to cheer you up on a rainy day, but they can paint a picture of a miserable wet afternoon despairing in the kitchen pretty damn well.


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