Track Review – I Hear Voices / Sunflower Bean

Sunflower Bean have recently been up on the lists of hype bands. They combine Led-Zeppelin heaviness with Tame Impala’s new wave of psychedelia which everyone can’t get enough of at the minute. The dual attack of Nick Kivlen’s stoner-ish vocals and Julia Cumming’s ethereal-one-minute-shrieking-the-next combines into a pummelling track which condenses the jamming of earlier tracks ‘Tame Impala’ and ‘Rock & Rock Heathen’. If anything, they’ve scaled back on the sudden bursts into thick Sabbath-like riffs and made the track easier to digest. It’s not pop, though, so don’t expect any Tame Impala synths any time soon.

The meat and bones of the track is the drumming, which is criminally underrated as the psychedelic guitars and bass compete for dominance. There’s something very talented about drummer Jacob Faber when he can merge from the jazz-like jam segments to all-out rocking. Cumming’s thick, dirty basslines are immediately apparent. If anything, the only instrument which can’t compete with the rhythm section is the guitar, which has a tendency to bleed into the chorus and only shines through on the bridge. The lyrics are mostly weird and wild, from the repeated chorus ‘I hear voices / I hear voices’ and the repetitive verses sung by Kivlen, but hey, isn’t all rock just regurgitated riffs?


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