Album Review – Gertrudis / Mourn

For those that didn’t know, Mourn came out with a pretty fantastic debut album a couple of months ago, combining the quick-punk of the Ramones with some PJ Harvey. Now, they’ve released an EP very quickly after, which isn’t surprising considering their labelmate Mac DeMarco’s appetite for releases. Mourn are another curveball for their label Captured Tracks, which has a roster of modern psych-rockers like DIIV, as well as the hardcore band Perfect Pussy. So a Spanish punk band isn’t anything surprising really. They continue with their indie-rock that they began on Mourn, starting with arguably their most catchy song yet ‘Gertrudis, Get Through This!’, with lead singer Jazz singing ‘If you need someone to trust / You don’t have to involve a body and a hole’ behind Elastica-tinged guitars, then launching into the ever chantable chorus ‘Getrudis / Get Through This!’. It’s the kind of song that deserves a small, crowded venue of possibly very drunk people.

‘Your Face’ is a minute-and-a-half criticism, with Jazz singing ‘You know I can’t stand your face’ with fiery guitars and a helping hand from Carla Pérez Vas, also on vocals. However, the song is so short it doesn’t have time to expand into something good and instead just sort of fizzles out at the end. ‘Salvador’ picks up the pace a little, with a screaming guitar in the chorus and the twin vocals yelling out in some Spanish that I don’t have the pleasure of understanding. They even have a small guitar solo, but like ‘Your Face’ it barely lasts any time at all, all in the name of punk. The best song here is ‘Gertrudis…’, as it sounds like a solid song that could’ve been slotted on the album. Unfortunately, it’s the second half that lets the side down. Its a shame they didn’t revisit the atmospheric post-punk of ‘Your Brain Is Made Of Candy’ but I suppose they have a ton of time to revisit it when they no doubt make another record soon. My guess is that Mourn will continue to put out solid singles like ‘Gertrudis…’ which are perfect little slices of indie-rock. However, Gertrudis falls at the same hurdles that Mourn did. Solid glimmers with some mediocre B-sides stuck on the sides to beef things out a bit.



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