Track Review – You’re A Germ / Wolf Alice

‘You’re A Germ’ is another track that doesn’t seem quite right in the run up to the new album later this month. Despite strong signs with ‘Giant Peach’, the new version of ‘Bros’ glazed over the original raw version with glossy production and the same applies on ‘You’re A Germ’. The guitars never explode during the chorus, sounding subdued. The vocals are only listenable during the acoustic intro and the backing vocals, appearing on the verse, are perfect but are similarly sunk into the mix. ‘You’re A Germ’ sounds like a decent-quality gig recording, but definitely isn’t the quality it should be living up to. Strangely enough, the yelling of Ellie Rowsell in the chorus has some anger, but then she decides to go into a faux-American accent behind the chants of ‘Eyes wide’.

The only time the guitars ever hit hard enough is during the first burst of Sonic Youth-esque noise, but they hardly last long and dissolve into the murky verses. The lyrics are personal and familiar still, with Rowsell mumbling ‘This is not exploring / When you are dead inside’ and ‘You’re a creep’ in the verses, before full-on screaming in the chorus, albeit in an American accent that throws the entire track into parody. ‘You’re A Germ’ could have been one of the harder hitters on My Love Is Cool, however the production and the vocals let down the track and this results in a muddy song with fragments of genius in the vicious instrumentation that’s left subdued and lacks any kind of volume.


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