Track Review – Dreams / Beck

Last year’s Morning Phase was a low key release for Beck that ended up – controversially – scooping a grammy. It was a sleepy album full of mumbled vocals and twinkling guitars, however those looking for the same folk won’t find it on ‘Dreams’. ‘Dreams’ harks back to the pop-targeting Beck of the 90s, incorporating Beck’s ever-evolving hybrid genres that range from Mark Ronson-esque guitar-pop, Tame Impala psychedelia and rock. It actually works very well, though it’s hardly surprising considering how well Beck has done in the past to merge genre so fluidly. The main body of the song is built on peppy pop, with a catchy chorus of ‘Nothing gonna get me in my world’ and a theme of escapism through dreams.

‘Dreams’ contains some weird, out-there lyrics typical of Beck. There are some average lines like ‘Dreams / She’s making me high’ but previous to that there’s ‘Get a dog and pony for judgement day’ and ‘Streets are running on the brink’. Despite the catchy, surface-layer pop, there’s undoubtedly a doubt and paranoia bubbling beneath the surface, climaxing with ‘Stop fucking with my dreams’. The song suddenly changes around the 3 minute mark, with a furious guitar followed by a ton of effects lathered on top of the instrumentation and Beck’s vocals, turning the song into a trippy nightmare. ‘Dreams’ signals that Beck refuses to rest on his laurels and if this is anything to go by, the next album could be damn well anything.


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