Track Review – Sip ‘O Poison / Cherry Glazerrz

If you compare the new Cherry Glazerr single with older Glazerr tracks, it’s a pretty big difference. Even on the harder tracks, such as ‘White’s Not My Color This Evening’, it built up into a punk frenzy. Here, on ‘Sip O’ Poison’ begins with twenty seconds of feedback and spoken word consisting of ‘A single sip of poison killed a kid who wasn’t shy’ before diving into a furious punk-up with a killer bassline. Comparing it to ‘Had 10 Dollaz’, ‘Sip ‘O Poison’ is a marked difference to the more psychedelic-pop side of Cherry Glazerr and hints at a more direct, angry sound.

‘I feel my blood is boiling / I’m crawling up the wall’ and ‘When I was eighty feet tall’ alludes to an Alice in Wonderland theme, before singer Clem Creevy sings about ‘horny boys’ and the chorus turns into a series of short yelps and whoops. The lyrics are still just as funny and sometimes trippy as ever, but the point of delivery has been skewed into a Bikini Kill-esque punk song. ‘Sip ‘O Poison’ is part of Adult Swim’s Single Series so this may just be a one-off chance for experimentation, but the tantalising prospect of Cherry Glazerr morphing from teenage goofs into something darker and more direct could be very interesting.


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