Track Review – Nasty Grrls / Childbirth

The self-proclaimed supergroup are back after the members took a break to focus on their main projects. For those unfamiliar, Chilbirth consists of Bree McKenna (Tacocat), Stacy Peck (Ponytime) and Julia Shapiro (Chastity Belt), who released one of 2015’s best records so far with Time To Go Home. Childbirth is something of a chance for Shapiro and co. to let out their crass punk cravings elsewhere. ‘Nasty Grrls’ is very similar to last years under-the-radar album It’s A Girl! It takes inspiration from Chastity Belt’s ‘Cool Slut’ in that it reclaims slurs used against women, this time being ‘nasty girl’. They take the word and use it against those who would use it, singing ‘We don’t wash our hair!’ with ‘We wipe our nose on our sleeve!’ and ‘we have dirty fingernails!’ being call-and-responded in the background.

The singing isn’t fantastic, but it sounds exactly like the message of the lyrics – bratty, off-key and confrontational. It takes the girl-group backing-vocals and turns it into a punk anthem. If anything, the length and change-up of styles in the track is something new. It actually changes from its pattern at the 2:15 mark into a muted build-up, before returning to the same power-chord frenzy from before. Childbirth are an explicitly punkish band, so expecting anything beyond a two-chord belter probably isn’t going to happen any time soon. The message is clear, the instruments are dirty and it’s exactly what to expect from a band called Childbirth.


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