Track Review – After The Fall / Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe’s music is weird. Imagine if somebody got folk, electronic, metal and rock music and said ‘put it together and see what happens’. In the case of Chelsea Wolfe and this song, it works well enough. The beginning is a minimalist, electronic section with Wolfe singing ‘I know that you’ll find me there / after the fall’, seemingly alluding to death or the ‘fall’ of mankind in the Garden of Eden. However, soon enough some sludgy and distorted guitars come in and Wolfe sings ‘I can’t wake up’ in front of haunting backing vocals sounding like the angels. The vocals and the message let the track down, though only slightly.

The lyrics err on a pretentious theological side, whilst Wolfe’s vocals are so subdued and ‘celestial’ that I just wanted her to wake up a bit. The electronic bridge, sounding like a wonky Mario Bros. theme tune, also somewhat crushes any mood constructed by the song. The comeback of the metal guitars can’t save a track plagued by glitchy videogame soundbites. However, despite this, there are fleeting moments of true atmospherics and an awe-inspiring pre-chorus and chorus.


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