Track Review – The Stalker / Sunflower Bean

‘The Stalker’ is the best song so far by Sunflower Bean. It has their most Sabbath-ish elements since ‘Tame Impala’ came out and is more hard-hitting than the soon-to-be-released A-Side ‘I Hear Voices’. Like the best Sunflower Bean songs, it features both the stoner vocals of Nick Kivlen and the ethereal/shrieking vocals of Julia Cumming. As you can tell from the title, it’s about a stalker ‘Dark figure dressed in white / disappeared into the night’. However, the best moments come went the instrumentals take over from the vocals.

The band undoubtedly have a knack for conjuring up the hard rock sounds of the 70s, with the lead riff sounding like the lovechild of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, though you’ve heard this all before. It’s been repeated that this band are the saviours of rock, though it’s mostly been tied to their skills when knocking out a riff or two. Unfortunately, they haven’t been focussed on as an original approach to rock music. Like their contemporaries Tame Impala, they take psychedelic tendencies in the vocals and layers upon layers of effects to carve out their own sound in what is an overflooded genre teeming with acid-chugging kids in tie-dyed t-shirts. Imagine if Tame Impala decided to make a rock album after Lonerism, and you might be close to ‘The Stalker’.


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