Track Review – Chili Town / Hinds

‘Chili Town’ makes attempts to move away from the one-trick pony quality of Hinds songs, which they haven’t really developed on since ‘Bamboo’. Here, the tone is a little more melancholic and it’s a little slower than some of the more bouncy Hinds tracks. It still has that ‘summery’ quality that all Hinds songs have, plus the unconventional vocals and foreign accents provide the original flair that made Hinds an exciting prospect. They sing ‘All I’m asking for is for you to make a move’, which expains their blurb of their song which says ‘We realised that if our songs were battles, we’ll always end up being the injured soldier’. Lyrically, the song is very different then, from past Hinds tracks and it doesn’t suffer from a change of perspective.

But the song structure and instrumentation is very familiar still, showing that Hinds are proficient at the winding riffs intertwined with chords on a twin-guitar approach, plus bass and drums, however, they haven’t yet shown a track that diverts from that pattern. As their debut album draws nearer, hopefully they start to release some less-immediate tracks which shake things up a bit. For now, they can get away with it, but this kind of song could easily become tedious over a longer expanse of time.


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