Track Review – MEN TODAY / HEALTH

The forever-capitalised HEALTH are back and after releasing two singles (‘NEW COKE’ and ‘STONEFIST’) this is one of the more experimental tracks so far, and that’s saying something by HEALTH’s standards. Considering it is only two minutes long, it barely gives itself the chance to develop beyond the band’s traditional noise-rock/electronic sound. Throughout, the band keep up their tribal drums, but it all becomes overblown when an Inception-esque Hans Zimmer scream-cum-car-crash obscures everything in sight.

The best moments come when everything cools down to soft vocals which contrast the chaos erupting around them. Prior to the what will now be referred to as ‘Inception Noise’, there is a bullet-like synth that really doesn’t get enough time on the track as it is soon dwarfed by ‘Inception Noise’. The lyrics have never been a strong point of HEALTH, they are best when the drummer is left to his own devices and they let some screaming electronics simmer over the top and it is exactly the same here. Still, nothing can change the short track length which just cuts the track short of anything atmospheric and makes me believe that this is some sort of transitional track on the new album DEATH MAGIC. 


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