Track Review – Never Ending Circles / CHVRCHES

‘Leave A Trace’, CHVRCHES first return to music, was a so-so track that had its moments but couldn’t quite keep up the quality of the instrumentals in comparison with Lauren Mayberry’s vocals. Thank everything then, for ‘Never Ending Circles’. The instrumentals recall the better moments of their first album and the post-chorus hits hard. The band use the same song structure once again, their quiet-bridge becoming a little bit tedious by this point considering how often they deploy it. The song is remarkably similar to ‘Leave A Trace’, but this time the synths work a bit harder.

The lyrics, concerning running away from a relationship and ‘Taking what you came for’. Mayberry’s lyrics have been in this direction before, but previously she’s been less confident in her lyrics; now she’s much more direct and the songs are stronger for it. Whilst ‘Never Ending Circles’ is another familiar pattern, it’s a comfy song which doesn’t stray far from the CHVRCHES structures but is an instant hit, in the same vein of ‘Gun’ or ‘The Mother We Share’. Very similar to ‘Leave A Trace’, but somehow better.