Track Review – I Feel Love (Every Million Miles) / The Dead Weather

It’s been five years since the last Dead Weather album and their return has been somewhat unnecessary. In their brief life, they released two hard-rock albums which were just that – hard rock albums and the driving forces of the band, Jack White and Alison Mosshart, have been busy in the meantime with their respective solo or band work. ‘I Feel Love’ is more of the same, really. Basic Jack White riffs with a solo reminiscent of The Whites Stripes’ Jimmy Page moments. On the upside, Alison Mosshart is on fine form, stretching her shrieks and yells across the track and providing one of the only electrifying parts of the track.

The rest is resoundingly grey. This is stripped-bare hard rock, and not in a good way. Any kind of excitement and energy has been killed in the glossy production and the repetitive instrumentation. Sure, Jack White can play the guitar, but he plays the same thing for three minutes, with little change to mix things up. The drums, whilst they sound good when focussed on, are so low in the mix that they might as well not be there. It’s a shame, considering how much rock cred these musicians have and how little they put it to use to come up with something original beyond their leather-jacketed basic-rock. Did we need another lacklustre Dead Weather album when they refuse to try and put out something just a little bit new?

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