Track Review – London Thunder / Foals

‘What Went Down’ was brilliant, ‘Mountain At My Gates’ was a splash of pop, now here come the slower tracks. So far, What Went Down is looking to be one of the better rock albums of 2015. ‘London Thunder’, whilst a little more muted than the first two tracks released and packs less of a climax in at the end, it’s another track in the same vein as B-Side ‘Bluebird’ or possibly even the quiet moments of ‘Spanish Sahara’, especially in the later piano parts of the track. It’s definitely more of a focus on the keyboard instead of what have been overtly-guitar-based tracks. Sure, Yannis Philippakis’ guitar occasionally dips in and out, but the soft keyboards is what makes the track, plus the shimmering synths that glide over the top. Synthetic drums play a large part in the song, with drummer Jack Bevan absent in the CCTV Sessions, which can be seen below.

Philippakis’ sings ‘Now the tables turn / it’s over’ and ‘Now I’m older’; it’s a more introspective track about absence, as Philippakis explains in an interview. Compared to the cryptic early tracks Foals made on Antidotes and Total Life Forever, it’s very easy to read, but against the new tracks Foals have been putting out, it’s their least direct in a long time. Yannis has gotten older, and looking back on all of the extended touring they’ve been doing around the world, he finally sees the appeal of what he calls home. A simple message, sure, but it’s wrapped in subdued instrumentation and sparkly guitars.