Track Review – Hanging Around (Cardigans Cover) / Speedy Ortiz

Hey, remember that cool band from the 90s that no-one remembers enough? Yep, Speedy Ortiz (That cool band from the 10s that no-one will remember enough in twenty years) just covered them. Vocalist and guitarist Sadie Dupuis has a voice so similar to Nina Persson that you might mistake this version for an especially grungey version of the original. Speedy Ortiz beef out the lo-fi original, doing an especially good job of ‘that’ outro. If any band should be covering the Cardigans, it should be their modern-day equivalents Speedy Ortiz, especially as they do it so well. The lyrics ‘I’m hanging around for another round / till something stops me’ are dark. It’s good to see a band which didn’t get enough attention back in their heyday for their lyrics and instrumentation get some long-deserved  love. Possibly one of the most impressive and true-to-the-original covers of the year so far.