Track Review – The Road / The Big Moon

Hot on the heels of their first single, ‘Sucker’, ‘The Road’ is a slow-burning track which eventually leads up to the kind of guitar wankery you’d expect in a Led Zeppelin song. Finally, we get to hear what The Big Moon sound like when they aren’t going full-throttle indie-rock, and it’s very refreshing. Granted, familiar instrumentation eventually fades in; razorblade guitar and all, but there’s also a funky guitar plucked and an organ that wheezes in the bridge. They sing ‘Now I’m not the same / I’ve got no reason to stay’ and ‘Throw me a bone / the night it trickles like the sleeping sand’, the former standing alongside the Big Moon’s direct approach to lyrics, while the latter verges on faux-poetic imagery.

The song, though quieter, is just as brash when it comes to a close. I’d have hoped for more of a gradual build and decline than some misty-eyed solowork, but the impact that the distorted guitar makes leaves a firm imprint in the wishy-washy organ and slacker-rock guitar that the rest of the track uses. The vocals always has a youthful vibrancy to it, full of shy ‘oo-oo’s and yelps along with the moody vocals courtesy of Juliette Jackson. Most importantly, this sounds like they are having fun, more than anything; something many bands forget to have.