Track Review – Purple Rage / Dilly Dally

‘Purple Rage’ is why Dilly Dally are one of the most exciting prospects in punk rock. It’s punchy and short, sounds like the kind of grungy anthem you’ll be talking about in twenty years and is just accessible enough to appeal to fans of Bully or the harsher side of Speedy Ortiz. A dirty guitar snakes across the top of the track, guiding the track to the softer chorus, which surprisingly doesn’t hit as hard as the verse as it pauses and resumes, unlike the verse, which grinds along. Vocalist Katie Monks sings ‘I wanna change / You can’t put me on a stage’ and ‘I got that purple rage’ in a voice that can only be described as Alice Bognanno from Bully’s hardcore sister. Dilly Dally present pure, unfiltered punk rock, stripped of weird experimentation and awkward lyrics. It’s defiant lyrics, killer instrumentation and furious playing that’s best suited to a sweaty basement somewhere underground.

The slight problem with the track is the chorus and the bridge. The chorus, whilst mostly carrying on the verse, removes the jagged edges of Katie Monk’s voice and she reins her voice in. The bridge in the later half of the track goes on for a little too long and whilst the bassline in that segment is worthy of Kim Deal, the quiet-loud dynamic has been better used in other Dilly Dally songs. The band are best suited to all-out loudness. Still, it’s a fantastic track from one of the most exciting punk bands at the moment.