Track Review – Pony / Wavves

Wavves quickly ditched the ‘skateboard/weed/beer’ tag that they had been labelled with after the release of their debut and have come a considerable way towards distancing themselves from any styles they once held in high regard. The difference between ‘Pony’ and their contemporaries Fidlar or Ty Segall now puts them more in the league of poppy rock that’s less about what Nathan Williams is smoking and more like how he’s feeling. The style, like previous singles ‘Way Too Much’ or ‘Heavy Metal Detox’ is definitely poppier than what their hardcore fans will expect from Wavves and shows a willingness to experiment with more than songs about skateboards.

‘Hard to express depressed and bored’ shows that Williams is trying to word dark topics around catchy pop. ‘It gets better’, he sings in the chorus, almost trying to believe the words he is singing, willing himself to put a positive face on depression. Then he admits ‘I’ll always be lost without you’ and I have horrific flashbacks to Busted. Their pop-rock is now falling on the side of emo-tinged, turn-of-the-century pop-punk with its catchy melodies and pop-friendly choruses. The truth is that every song that Wavves have put out in the run up to sound astonishingly alike and it becomes hard to discern one bare-bones rock song after the other that they continue to put out. ‘Pony’ is more of the same: different to their past, very similar to everything else in their present.