Track Review – Doing The Right Thing / Daughter

‘Doing The Right Thing’ shows Daughter stabbing into social issues and dark themes such as loss; of life, family, memory, everything. It’s almost like they became socially-conscious in their time away as lyrics like ‘I’m just fearing one day soon I’ll lose my mind’ and ‘With their old excuses / “We are built for reproduction”‘. That particular lyric stings hard as Elena Tonra takes the perspective of an elderly person looking down on the young from their ‘confines’. The entire song sees Tonra bleakly spilling out the misery of growing old and losing everything, becoming jealous and suspicious without outside contact.

The same old Daughter is lurking in ‘Doing The Right Thing’ just around the corner. The guitars and drums are soaked in reverb and whimpers in the background rather than popping out on the chorus like it should. Instead, the drums are brutally cut back and even the most predominant guitar can’t quite glide across the track without fading. The vocals and lyrics are similarly devoid of life. Even though the lyrics are some of the most interesting Daughter have made so far, they leave nothing to the imagination and little space is left for any interpretation against being about age. Even their earlier songs were a lot more ambiguous in their meaning. Tonra’s vocals can’t quite lift themselves beyond the moody teenage stereotype they’ve been lumped with and it’s quite possible that her vocals just aren’t up to the challenge of a ‘big’ pop song.