Track Review – The Answer / Savages

Savages always teased music that lived up to their vicious name and ‘The Answer’ is, well, the answer to that promise. They’ve never sounded so brutal, so punk-oriented as ‘The Answer’. It comes on hard and succeeds in hitting hard for the next three minutes with repetitive rhythms that echo a darker version of the album Sexwitch just put out. It also has elements of Fugazi and PJ Harvey in it – a combination that could never not disappoint. In Jehnny Beth’s vocals, when she sings ‘Love is the answer / I’ll go insane’, she mixes in the same cynicism about falling deep in love and how it is drug-like. She still bears her stark, statement-like vocals where everything she says is a declaration – whether it’s love, insanity and paranoia.

The accompanying statement that comes with ‘The Answer’ resembles the ‘manifesto’ that came with Savages’ first album Silence Yourself. The band say ‘Most of all it’s about love. Every kind of love. Love is the answer’ and that comes into play very much on the song. Savages aren’t so much interested in the good parts of falling in love, but what kind of darkness comes out of it. Away from the lyrics, Savages have to be commended for creating such a driving, forceful song to marry with the lyrics. When the band change from their groove, the guitar solo, a silky and weaving line, breaks the tension built up from the chugging distortion. I was looking forward to Savages next album the minute I heard ‘Adore’, but from the sounds of it, ‘The Answer’ provides much more of a satisfying build up to Adore Life.