Track Review – Never / Jennylee

If Warpaint’s last album delved into more traditional song structures but more experimenting in genres, Jenny Lee Lindberg’s new song is probably going to please the fans who came in around Exquisite Corpse or The Fool. It follows on from the more aggressive ‘I’ll Start Believing’ with its vicious chorus, which has Jenny’s vocals tighten up and doused in reverb, which is showered liberally all over the track. ‘Never’ most resembles the influences Jenny may have held back in the name of Warpaint’s psychedelic meandering. Most namely, the Cure. Another element of Warpaint that was held back was Jenny’s voice, only appearing in early highlight ‘Billie Holiday’. Lindberg’s voice is by no means ‘bad’, there’s nothing wrong with it at all.

The track doesn’t exactly go far. The same twinkling guitar sparkles through the verses and becomes more distorted in the chorus and in the outro, when Jenny reaches higher in her vocal and it works really well. A familiar sound is the baseline which grounds the track and is one of Jenny’s strengths as one of the best bassists of modern times. It’s funky, simplistic enough to be catchy and underpins the entire song. For Warpaint, who arrived on the scene with ethereal vocals, jams and plenty of changes in the song, ‘Never’ is more traditional and more accessible for sure.