Track Review – Do You Wanna Get High? / Weezer

Poor Weezer. They just can’t seem to get it right. Almost straight after their comeback record Everything Will Be Right In The End, Rivers Cuomo, their frontman, announces that he’s making a TV sitcom based on his own life. Weezer float between self-parody an seemingly artistic statements, which often have been scraping the bottom of their Blue Album and Pinkerton successes back in the 90s. On ‘Do You Wanna Get High?’, it sounds like Weezer, now that they aren’t tied to a label in any way, are just putting out music for the sake of it. This definitely isn’t the post-label freedom of In Rainbows, it’s the hyper-indulgence of Cuomo calling back to his inner teenager again with lyrics about getting high, ‘road trips to Mexico’ and falling in love. This isn’t breaking any new ground, it’s what to expect by this point from Weezer.

A languid guitar solo crawls into view halfway into the track, slipping by without a trace of a power surge. The production on the track doesn’t allow anything to hit hard – the muted soft-metal guitars across the verses and pre-chorus should crunch, but they’re lost in the mix beyond Cuomo’s whimpering vocal. There’s almost a Beach Boys influence in the melodic chorus, which is an odd little part to add it, but it provides one of the more memorable moments. The trouble is, for Weezer no label allows them to gorge on whatever they feel like making, which could provide some creative experimentation for any other band – but this is Weezer, so what do you expect?