Track Review – Adventure Of A Lifetime / Coldplay

I never thought I’d say it, but Coldplay have gone disco-funk. ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’ sounds like a band who listened to Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories (especially ‘Get  Lucky’) too much and decided to give it a whirl. But the funny thing is – it works. Coldplay’s last album, Ghost Stories, didn’t go down too well as it felt like a comedown from their full-on pop of Mylo Xyloto, but ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’ corrects that and brings it all back to Chris Martin attempting to shake his hips with the guitar spookily similar to something Nile Rodgers knocks out in his sleep. The bass is there and the ‘Princess of China’ guitar cuts through the rest of the instrumentation.

The lyrics aren’t much to write home about, but Martin’s vocals are definitely much more alive than he’s been for the last few years. The backing vocals especially, suggest that the band is going in a disco-funk direction which would have some fun results. This is a band that have been criticised for being too boring and mopey and now too poppy, so the only direction left to go is embrace the pop – because no one wants to be called Radiohead Imposters. It’s a simple, fun song, which is more than anyone can ask of Coldplay. If this is their last album, at least they’ll go out doing something new.