Track Review – San Diego / Hinds

Hinds have made another wise choice to move away (if only slightly) from the slew of tracks that came in the wake of ‘Bamboo’ that were almost identical. However, by only making slight changes the band is already establishing that they make some of the best party-rock around, but can’t do a lot else. They sing about the beach, they sing about ‘leaving without saying goodbye’, but we’ve heard it before. Familiar tropes pop up – the slow intro, the grinding to a halt outro, call and response vocals from Ana Perotte and Carlotta Coasials. It’s a cosy song for anyone who just wants another Hinds song to shout the words to, but it’s not good for much else.

The ideology of Hinds is easier to buy into than the music. An all-Spanish quartet is going to be interesting for anyone who’s had British and American music pumped into them for their entire life as the band have a different (and more joyous) perspective on life. You can imagine being best friends with Hinds and their music reflects that. Listening back to ‘Garden’, it’s a better song because the band took some chances with the song and ‘San Diego’ is more formulaic, but that will be more enticing for fans of their party-starters, ‘Bamboo’ and ‘Davey Crockett’. It’s irresistible indie-pop which rarely surprises but always comforts.