Track Review – Lime Habit / Poliça

Poliça have developed rapidly from dream-pop by the way of 80s-affectation into something that more resembles their 80s tendencies on ‘Lime Habit’. The instrumentals are no longer moody and quiet, but burst out with the same neon colours that grace the video and album artwork. Similarly, Channy Leaneagh’s vocals (once a sticking point as they were heavily autotuned) are effect-free and are a separate entity from the squelchy, funky instrumentation as they are as clear as possible. It fits the song where her other vocal style wouldn’t and works perfectly well. A few times in the song the instrumentation overdoes it and piles on more sounds than necessary and often it isn’t subtle touches to the initial tribal drums and funk bassline, but outdated synths which stick out like a sore thumb.

The 80s appreciation is there, but thankfully the band don’t dip into a style that would clash against what Leaneagh is singing or the previous material of Poliça. The band develop their style in a direction that works and doesn’t jar, surprising for how far they go away from moody indie-pop and into brighter territory whilst using more political lyrics at the same time from Leaneagh. An interesting, funky new track from Poliça.