Track Review – Milk / WALL

WALL are like the purest post-punk tribute group you can think of. They make New-York-cool, mono-colour and have a singer that has a vocal style that’s almost spoken-word. Sam York’s vocals have similarities with that of their contemporaries Pill, whose vocalist Victoria Torres has the same deadpan fury in her voice. York sings in vivid imagery about ‘the sky opened up / milk poured out’ interspersed with even weirder lyrics like ‘Two-thousand feline mistresses / laying all over the cobblestone / yeah you see the one’s with their ears clipped / they’ve been mastered’. Some of the lyrics can be less good than others, but often they work in conjunction with York’s powerful voice.

The instrumentation is full-on post-punk. The guitars grind like an industrial plant and the the drums rumble in the background. The time signature changes from the chorus, which is slow and brooding, to the more propulsive verses, where York’s voice comes in full force. The production is purposefully blurry and uncomfortable, leading to a less-than-glossy DIY sound which suits the band. WALL is Savages’ trans-Atlantic cousins.