Track Review – Easier Said / Sunflower Bean

So far, Sunflower Bean’s pre-Human Ceremony teasers have been hit or miss. ‘Wall Watcher’ was a watery fuzz-rock song and ‘I Hear Voices’ (technically a single) worked in its moments when Julia Cumming relies on her shouting vocals over the dream-pop softness that mostly makes up her vocal contribution. On ‘Easier Said’, its no different that she uses her softer side vocally, but it works in tandem with the DIIV/Cure shoegaze that they deploy. Previously, Sunflower Bean have blurred between hard rock and shoegaze, but on ‘Easier Said’, it’s very clear what the band are trying to achieve, and it’s the freshest thing they’ve made since ‘2013’, an early single and highlight.

Between the shimmery guitars that cut through the song on the chorus and the rippling crash cymbals Cumming sings ‘Easier said than done / I heard you right the first time’ and ‘It’s not your fault / and that’s ok’ as they explore a relatively innocent topic of feeling emotions that can’t be described no matter how much you want to try and explain them. Sunflower Bean say to someone that it’s not their fault they can’t understand what they mean, it’s just the way that it is. It could come off as just another example of shoegaze imagery, but Sunflower Bean toe the line between too much information and too little, filling in the rest with blissful instrumentation. While it may lean a little too heavily on influences, at least ‘Easier Said’ can’t draw the Led Zeppelin comparisons.