Track Review – Bad Habits / The Last Shadow Puppets

Here’s a sideproject we didn’t think we needed anymore. And now that the first taste of what The Last Shadow Puppets actually means in a post-AM Alex Turner and slightly-more-successful Miles Kane world I can safely say we don’t need them. The idea of where they could go next was interesting, seeing as their debut (when Turner was still in his ‘Sheffield Lad’ phase) was so long ago that surely the duo would have something new to bring to the table. Instead, what we get is a glorified Miles Kane song with none of the lyrical magic that Turner would usually bring and uses the wild-west-rampage orchestration of their first album on a surface level. Dig deeper and it’s an utterly bland guitar pop song.

Kane comes of as somewhat unhinged, making knee-jerk screams throughout the song with vaguely ‘you done me wrong, girl’ lyrics that the duo really shouldn’t be writing this far into both of their careers and with the talent between them. The AM stylings are still very much there for Turner, relying on fey backing vocals and pop structures at the forefront. The orchestration which separated the Puppets last album from another Arctic Monkeys record swings between old school horror and westerns, but you can’t help thinking that they could have done so much with this side-project that it feels more like a stepping stone for both artists between albums.