Track Review – I Hate The Weekend / Tacocat

If you’re in sync with anything Chastity Belt / Childbirth (and you should be, they’re really exciting new bands), Tacocat might be on your radar. They make scrappy punk with a poppiness to it that makes it a sweet and sour experience with soft backing vocals layering over the top, but power chords thrashing over the top. It’s undoubtedly very in keeping with what you’d expect from a short and sweet punk song – seemingly lacking in variation (though Tacocat seem to manage to change pace several times in ‘I Hate The Weekend’) and very very short, which shows up in the two minute runtime. Emily Nokes, their vocalist, yelps out every reason why weekends such, from ‘they were made for the working stiff… let loose like their life depends on it’ and ‘homogenised and oh so bleak’ people. ‘I Hate The Weekend’ is so sweet and short that it doesn’t really have time to go wrong – it just has a great time singing about the awful times.