Track Review – King Of The World / Weezer

We didn’t exactly like ‘Do You Wanna Get High?’, but it seemed like Weezer were continuing their comeback from 2014’s Everything Will be Alright In The End. It was ok, at least, and it wasn’t in the same vein of their albums which weren’t such if they were making fun of themselves or were just making really, really bad pop-rock. Fans will be pleased to hear that their next album has been christened The White Album, following their respective Blue, Green and Red albums. ‘King Of The World’ is – surprise surprise – Weezer. Rivers Cuomo slots in the necessary ‘You’d be my girl’ line he’s been repeating since The Blue Album and exists in eternal teenage purgatory surrounded by poppy guitar hooks, ‘why don’t girls like me’ mentalities and dreaming about taking a ‘greyhound to the Galapagos’. This band is over twenty years old, but the hook is still: ‘If I was the king of the world / you’d be my girl’, followed by some woah-ohs which at this point is just a staple of any Weezer anthem.

Weezer even manage to try and tuck a sly political comment into the song, with the line ‘Dad hit you on the hand for holding your chopsticks wrong / then mum locked you in a shed and Uncle Sam dropped an atom bomb’. Ha ha, Cuomo, see what you did there. That’s pretty much the extent of the humour side of Weezer, which has been scaled down considerably since those bloated corpses that Weezer called albums (Hurley and Raditude) were unfortunately delivered to the world when in fact they deserved to be recorded, then immediately decontaminated and buried at deep sea level with the rest of the nuclear waste. In that way, it’s sort of fortunate that Cuomo now only has to make crap jokes every now and again and focus his efforts on crafting what some describe as a song instead of trying very hard to make himself a walking meme.