Track Review – Walk To The One You Love / Twin Peaks

No, that track title is not another Mac DeMarco song, it’s from the Lynchian indie-rock band Twin Peaks, now about to release their second album Down in Heaven. Their first didn’t exactly light the world on fire, replicating american indie-rock pretty consistently without escaping many limits. ‘Walk To The One You Love’ might not exactly go wild either, but at least the band are incorporating sounds that might sound like sacrilege to punkier contemporaries, most namely country and western. The guitars have a laid-back twang to them, not too dissimilar from DeMarco’s breezy pop except without that gloss of effects over the top. Cadien James sings ‘I would hate to see you walk that way / But I won’t cry or beg for you to say’, and if that sounds like early Beatles, that’s because it does. The band evoke an innocence that you don’t really see with dirty punk bands.

It’s the classic pop trope of a love triangle, with James saying he’ll fight for someone, but won’t beg if they leave him for someone else. Cute. Maybe it’s been done too many times before. The same could be said for the instrumental, which suffers from repetition until a guitar solo or piano section can break up the twangy country. James’ voice is probably the best part of the track, often backed up by other band members for the chorus, where his gravelly vocals could do with some extra support. It’s a harmless song but it does nothing for the pinned-down Twin Peaks.