Track Review – Where The Light Gets In / Primal Scream, Sky Ferreira

We’d sort of come to the conclusion that Primal Scream were capitalising on their legacy for More Light, but ‘Where The Light Gets In’ is a sizeable shift for the band, making a pop song with none other than Sky Ferreira. Ferreira’s presence isn’t just a feature, she trades lines with Bobby Gillespie (who, to be honest, isn’t sounding as lively as the sound behind him) and Ferreira pretty much runs the vocal performances. The song could easily scrape into the top 40 with the only factor that might be off-putting to pop charts being the guitar solo. A ‘regular’ guitar solo could have slotted onto the song easily, but the one that Primal Scream actually deploy is a jarring, effects-heavy scrape-a-thon that sounds off-time, although that’s probably what Primal Scream and Ferreira were going for.

There’s not a Kevin Shields in sight for ‘Where The Light Gets In’. This is the danceable Primal Scream that’s not so much bothered about ‘KILL ALL HIPPES’ and making psychedelic avant-garde music as just making good pop, which is what they’ve always been able to do underneath all of the alternative-ness. ‘Sin’ and ‘desire’ is thrown about a lot in the lyrics, but this isn’t ‘Rocks’, Gillespie and Ferreira sing ‘peace begins within’ as a contrast with a lyric like ‘Lovers take the plunder, then they leave’. ‘Where The Light Gets In’ might be one of the logical collaborations of the year, but we want to hear an entire album of Primal Scream and Sky Ferreira if it sounds like this.