Track Review – Hot Head / Death Grips

It was very unclear what Death Grips would do after The Powers That B finally arrived, mostly because it felt like a fitting conclusion. They had no-where left to run and the shock value had worn off. So when ‘Hot Head’ breaks open a pandora’s box of glitchy electronics, industrial guitars and faced-paced drums it’s almost expected by this point. It’s going to be familiar to anyone who enjoyed the Jenny Death side of The Powers That B because it marries that industrial-punk sound that they brought in with a more guitary sound with MC Ride’s shout-speak barking that keeps them somewhat rooted in hip-hop. At this point, tagging them with another genre is useless because they don’t sound like anyone else. That’s the exciting part of them. The less exciting part is the familiarity of the song with Death Grips’ past.

MC Ride yells ‘My presence fog your confidence / Who want a brand new complex?’ in a rare show of swaggering confidence, which was completely the opposite on their standout single ‘On GP’ from last year. The chorus: ‘Raw, no fucking filter, crooked needle, hot head’ could easily be the representation they’ve been tagged with – Just noisy anarchists. Death Grips have every right to be defensive of the position that they’ve accumulated, but their schtick doesn’t mean anything if they can’t seriously mix their sound up some time soon.