Track Review – I Do / Bat For Lashes

1st July 2016. Save the date, according to Bat For Lashes. There’s a new album on the way, more than likely, and by the sounds of ‘I Do’, it strips down the electronic-shuffle and piano balladry of The Haunted Man back down to a harp and Natasha Khan’s voice and minimises this simple song to two minutes. That’s all it needs; it has an innocence and surface beauty that doesn’t require much analysis to appreciate it for what it is. If Khan’s last project SEXWITCH (which had a very good, underrated album) has sparked any new influences in the realms of psychedelic rock, they aren’t apparent here, which could cause problems as more songs leak out as Bat For Lashes was more than due a sound change. Khan’s project as baroque-pop-via-electronica had peaked on The Haunted Man, as had her piano balladry.

But ‘I Do’s simplicity is where it excels. It’s about marriage and how everything bad – the grey skies, sorrow – will fade away into a rose-tinted future. Maybe there’s a childish ignorance about marriage, the myth that it’s happily ever after from there on out, but I think that’s reading into it too much. It’s a grand gesture of love with no double meanings, just take the message as it is (or maybe even that’s reading into it too much). Either way, it still makes for a perfect little two minute song.