Track Review – Out Of Control / Lush

When it comes to shoegaze, there’s been something of a revival recently. Both Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine reunited, with the latter finally releasing the successor to Loveless, the holy bible of shoegaze. Lush were always a little different and unfortunately got caught up in Britpop and their last album, Lovelife, was the clearest they’d ever sounded, which allowed them to break considerably from what was a very ‘finished’ sound by 1996. They were never allowed to capitalise on the success of Lovelife, as their drummer committed suicide, but now they’re back and sounding just like Lush in their heyday. The clarity of Miki Berenyi’s voice is what sets them apart from the My Bloody Valentines, it’s recognisable what she’s saying and it’s instantly relatable.

There’s very little signs of ageing for the band (In the best way possible); they’ve picked up exactly where they left off with a sound more indebted to their earlier albums and discarding the Britpop trendiness of Lovelife for the whirling repetition and unusual chords  of shoegaze. They don’t lay on the effects too thick in comparison to their peers, allowing Berenyi’s lyrics of ‘Don’t cry darling let’s try to make up / Please don’t push me I’m over the top’ and ‘Can’t understand why you won’t take my hand / Out of control when you hurt me so much’. It’s a classic innocent shoegaze love story. The song is similar to when Sleater-Kinney came back with ‘Bury Our Friends’ after ten years and sounded like they hadn’t been away for a day, but it’s even better for Lush because they haven’t played together in nearly twenty years.