Track Review – It Follows / Family Scraps

MJ of Hookworms, the hugely underrated band from Leeds, has followed up his main band’s studio silence with his own project – Family Scraps. It’s a huge departure from the ear-splitting noise-rock which usually leaves MJ screaming over the screeching instrumentation and instead there’s a slow, plodding, beautiful ballad which uses what sounds like a very familiar chord change in popular music, but it doesn’t mean Family Scraps is another stripped down side project. In fact, though there’s less of an instrumental clutter, it’s just as perfect in the production department as anything MJ has put out with Hookworms: There’s a guitar line that captures all of the quirks of the instrument – creaky slides, flubbed notes, a slowed-down Beach Boys bassline and MJ’s heavenly voice whispering ‘You occupy my mind’ on the quiet bridge and the outro. ‘I know I want distance from this confrontation’ MJ sings as the outro gets noisier and noisier, the louder elements of Hookworms in the guitars creeping in just for MJ to cut them off at the last second. Lovely but sad stuff.