Track Review – Berlin Got Blurry / Parquet Courts

Hot on the heels of last single ‘Dust’, Parquet Courts have emerged with a wordier slice of americana compared to the minimalism of ‘Dust’. However, it’s still nothing compared to their monolithic monologues on ‘Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth’ or ‘Instant Disassembly’. But the lyrical content is just as claustrophobic and fraught with anxiety as anything they have done before, taking place in Berlin, a city that’s practically known for its tension and anxiety. That said, frontman Andrew Savage finds longing in his loneliness with the chorus of ‘Berlin got blurry and my heart started hurting for you’. Think of it as a song in the same vein as Bowie’s Heroes (The album) – finding love and warmth in a city of loneliness. The instrumentation is another new direction for Parquet Courts – there’s an organ just like ‘Dust’ did, there’s a spaghetti western guitar and an acoustic guitar, which is a new choice for the typically all-electric band. Parquet Courts’ sound is undeniably changing, and both ‘Dust’ and ‘Berlin Got Blurry’ promise good things.