Track Review – Your Best American Girl / Mitski

‘Your Best American Girl’ might be striking as a quiet opener compared to Mitski’s last (loud) album, Bury Me At Makeout Creek, but it soon becomes apparent when the chorus kicks in that Mitski is as loud as ever, possibly even more so. There’s a simmering fury underneath the verse, bubbling to the surface in the chorus when Mitski just about runs away with every fist-pumping rock music trope whilst simultaneously criticising the typical American male and female. She finds herself altering her personality to fit into the boxes and adhere to the American default but in the process loses what makes her an outsider as an indie rock musician – she’s Japanese and she’s a woman. Mitski Miyawski should be celebrated in a scene full of your Parquet Courts and your DIIV’s and ‘Your Best American Girl’ is poking fun at that stereotype whilst firmly announcing ‘I am here’ for Mitski as one of the great underground rock musicians around. Bonus points for tearing it up on the chorus.