Track Review – Gamma Knife / King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

The highly prolific Australians, competing with Ty Segall for sheer rock output, are back with some more tightly-wound psych-rock. King Gizzard aren’t merely Tame Impala disciples, their psychedelia comes from a faster-paced dreamscape, less floating on clouds of LSD and more like manic episodes freaking out in a drug den. And after their last album, the positively peaceful Paper Mâché Dream Balloon. ‘Gamma Knife’ is like Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart getting together and creating the most spontaneous freak-out they could come up with. The pace of ‘Gamma Knife’ is infectious, as is Stu Mackenzie’s taut vocals perfectly suited to the galloping bounce of the guitars and drums that pummel their way through the track. The vocals are freakish, often breaking into half-yodels and yelps, always keeping pace with the furious rhythm section. ‘Gamma Knife’ might be taking inspiration from classic psychedelic rock, but there’s a ‘what’s going to happen next?’ value to King Gizzard that’s very exciting. Bonus points for a bonkers video.