Track Review – Evil Dead / Mourn

The last time we heard from Mourn, they were being held hostage by their Spanish label despite have a new album in the can. By the looks of it, they are out of the worst of their problems and have announced a new album, Ha, Ha, He!. And from the looks of things, we’ve got more of the same early punk mixed in with some new influences – Jazz Bueno’s furious shout with Carla Vas’ more low-key vocals. However, the difference here is that they deploy their difference better, with Vas on the spooky pre-chorus that lives up to the title and Bueno’s machine-gun shout of ‘Feast on your soul!’ on the chorus which has the same sweet comparisons with their early song ‘Your Brain Is Made Of Candy’ where they combine the sweet with the disgusting. All around the band has improved, with Antonio Postius’ drumming becoming more technical on the pre-chorus and the dual guitars playing off of each other. Mourn deserve a break and maybe Ha, Ha, He! will be worth the wait.