Track Review – Storyteller / Mourn

Not long since their first single, ‘Evil Dead’ from new album Ha, Ha, He, Mourn have released another teaser track. It’s further proof that Mourn are exploring new musical territories – they step through a wonky (and kind of jazzy) first half of the track, with Leia Rodríguez’s bass sounding cut straight from some smoky jazz basement whilst Carla Pérez Vas and Jazz Rodríguez Bueno (both singers and guitarists) fight it out between fuzzy garage rock and a more muted playing style which has more in common with Rodríguez’s bass. You wouldn’t have thought it would work, this is the band that released their Ramones-like debut that was breathlessly over in twenty minutes and had very little time for extra flourishes. It’s very refreshing, but isn’t so different that they haven’t included a noisy collective-shout outro which I can’t even distinguish between English or their native Spanish. Either way, it’s a damn good shout.

What can be gathered in the lyrics is about a storyteller who ‘just wants to have fun’ and he’s ‘putting kisses in a folder / what can he take?’. Unlike their first album, which directly addressed characters like ‘Jack’ and ‘Marshall’, the lyrics have come on in leaps and bounds considering how good ‘Evil Dead’ was too. They could have been taken at face value on Mourn, but there’s much more to explore and enjoy on the new singles.