Track Review – Something Beautiful / The Big Moon

The Big Moon have had a good run when it comes to singles and b-sides so far. They kicked it off with ‘Eureka Moment’, when they were still much of a mystery, and have since delivered songs like ‘Sucker’ and ‘Cupid’. At this point, getting anything out of the Big Moon is a success because they’re still a band in the embryonic stage figuring out the tricks. Think of them as Wolf Alice pre-My Love Is Cool, when the lack of material made anything seem possible. That’s exactly what’s going on with ‘Something Beautiful’, which is the band’s quietest and most beautiful track yet. Gone are the poppy guitars and in comes a drum machine and organ.

Juliette Jackson makes a heartfelt ballad about love and wanting to give something to someone you love without spelling it out. She spends the entire song trying to put into words her feelings ‘no holy hymn… could articulate the size of this’ she sings, and she’s ‘lashing out for sweetness’. Maybe the other half is unresponsive, or maybe she just wants to express her love as well as they do. It’s sweet, different and shows the Big Moon can do more than huge guitar-pop songs.